Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lighting Finds

I admit that I have spent HOURS shopping for lighting fixtures online.

The price range for lighting spans from low to VERY high!  Of course the higher priced fixtures usually catch my eye!

In my search, I did find a few fixtures that are reasonably priced and are very similar to some of the higher end products.  I decided to go ahead and order these cost-effective fixtures with fingers crossed.

Here are my three favorites:

1.  Foyer and Banquette Lighting
     One of my favorite lanterns is the Hundi lantern from Pottery Barn.  It retails for $299 plus tax &    S&H.

pn hundi

Here is the lantern that I ordered from

O lantern
It retails for $154 right now.

Here is a bad iPhone photo of the one hanging in our foyer...
foyer 2

I love these lanterns for the price!  The size is substantial, and the quality is good.

2.  Dining Room Lighting

For our dining room, I searched for an antique Parisian reproduction-type fixture without the high price tag.  Some of these fixtures retail in the thousands.  Below is one fixture that I really like from Shades of Light, but it is still $739.

shades of light dining

The fixture that I ordered is from Bellacor.  It retails for $298, and it is spectacular!

Here is the photo from Bellacor's website:

And this is my poor quality iPhone photo:
dining room chandelier

But again, I love this fixture!!!

3.  Master Bedroom Lighting

The last fixture find that I'd like to share is a beautiful chandelier that I purchased for our master bedroom.  After drooling over the Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier from Pottery Barn, which retails for $399, I decided to go for this look.  Here is the PB fixture:

PB master bedroom

I found a very similar fixture on for $185.  
O master bedroom

Here is the photo of the chandelier in our room.
IG master bedroom light

This fixture is absolutely gorgeous, and it is my favorite of the lighting finds!


shirley slee said...

Aww love every one! Lighting is so important giving each room a little piece of jewelry!

Jo said...

Love your choices! I can appreciate you endless hours of finding "just the right one" in a reasonable price range. You did a great job! :)


Jodee said...

Great finds! I also love In fact, I just ordered some fabulous bamboo blinds from there! They were reasonably priced and the shipping was extremely cheap too!

elisa said...

I love following your new house adventures- going thru something similar myself!

Quick question- I have been following your blog forever and have seen your multiple beach trips- do you have a preference? I can't remember if you guys have a place at the beach or just rent. I am hoping to do one more beach trip next week before the kids go back to school. We are in Chapel Hill so I have been looking at Kure, Holden, Ocean Isle, Wrightsville, etc. We have friends with a place in Holden that we have been to a couple times- hoping to try some place new. Would love ideas!! Went to Corolla last month, but want to do something closer.

If you get a chance can you shoot me an email?

Cody Stephens said...

I agree with you, Carolina. The last lighting fixture is indeed something to smile about. :) It looks really classy! Obviously, lighting fixtures are an essential in every building and home. However, its most important role is to make people appreciate an object or a room even more.

Cody Stephens

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