Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sea World


This year we took the kids to Sea World for the very first time.


It was such a beautiful November day...sunny and highs in the low 80s!

Everyone had a wonderful time.  It was not too crowded, and we were able to ride everything we wanted at least once if not 3 or 4 times including this...

I thought I was going to die!

The boys were sweet enough to go with Emma over to the smaller kid rides so she was able to have a little fun as well.

We then went to see SHAMU!!!  I was so excited.  I had not been back to Sea World since I was 10.

You would not know it from this picture, but Jackson was pretty excited about the show as well...


It was such a fantastic day.  We were even able to come back to our hotel and spend some time in the outdoor pool late in the evening in November...doesn't get much better.


Tara said...

I've been to Disney and several of the parks but not Sea World. We're hoping to go next year and it looks like Sea World would be a good stop. The rollercoaster....ab-so-lute-ly NOT!!

Mae said...

Next time you guys should try to come for Sea World's Christmas Celebration. It is at night, but included with the purchase of a 1 day ticket. Lots of lights and the Shamu show is amazing! My kids are younger than yours, but they had such a blast. My 3 year old is constantly asking to go back to Sea World and see Shamu.



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