Thursday, November 29, 2012

Epcot 2012

One of the reasons that we decided to go back to Disney this year is because Emma is really really into the princesses.

We did not eat inside Cinderella's castle, but we did have breakfast with a few of the princesses in Norway at Epcot.

j wlak 2
Of course Emma wore her Sleeping Beauty gown one more time ~ complete with sparkly tennis shoes!

dining 2

The boys were trying very hard to be good sports about this whole breakfast experience.

mom and kiddos

outside for breakfast


my 4

Our name was called first for the 9:20am seating so Emma waltzed right up to the rope to wait to see Belle.
emma wait


After we ate breakfast, three of the princesses made their way around to the tables.  It was very tight in there, and we were in a back corner opposite a large bank of windows.  It was not good for photo taking, that is for sure!

Emma seemed a bit overwhelmed.  I'm not sure what was running through her little head.

First out was Ariel. Then came Snow White!
sw manual close

And of course we were pleasantly surprised to see Sleeping Beauty...
sleeping beauty manual

We went on a Sunday, and there were people everywhere by the time breakfast was over.  We actually ended up getting a Fast Pass for Soarin' that was 6 hours later so we rode The Land and then went back for some pool time.

Around 4 pm we headed back to Epcot to ride a few more things and to do the World Showcase.  Since it was the Food and Wine Festival, there was hardly room to walk.  We didn't go into any of the countries save the ones with the rides.   Epcot still remains one of my favorite parks...not so sure how it ranks with the kiddos though!



Shari said...

We ate there for lunch and I had read the food was a little weird - Amelia LOVED it. She went right for the pickled herring - YUCK!
Glad your boys allowed for a little girl time:)
Epcot was our favorite - we spent as much time there as we did at the Magic Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I love your dresses- please tell where you found them.

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