Monday, January 21, 2013

Jackson's 10th Birthday Surprise ~ Part 2

While out on our airboat tour, the captain let each of the kids sit in the Captain's Chair!  He also taught them how to steer the boat.  Jackson got to go first!

capn jack

capn emma

capn B

At the end of the hour, they each got to hold a 3' long baby alligator.

gator jack 2

gator jak

gator B

Even Emma was willing to give it a try...

gator emma hand off

gator emma

It was all fun and games until that little guy started to squirm!

Emma quickly decided she no longer wanted it in her hands!

These were two of my favorite parts of the day!

1 comment:

abby's mom said...

I love that look of "GET IT OUT OF MY HANDS"!! That looks like fun! Did you venture to hold one? I would have loved to of had a picture of that! How old are those babies?

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