Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Did I Mention

that Emma chose Great Wolf Lodge instead of a big birthday party this year?

She remembered how much fun she had when we all went for Jackson's birthday last year!

We went down last Friday afternoon and stayed just one night.


I did not take my big camera down, and some of you have already seen these photos on Instagram or on my 365 blog!  I can't believe I only took three photos the entire time we were in the water park!

Jackson had a great time training for the tv show "Wipe Out"!

Emma is still too short to ride a few of the rides so she mainly stuck to the huge play area for kids.

GWL bucket
{This photo is from last year's blog post!}


One of the other things Emma enjoyed was the big wave pool.

Since we went on a random Friday, it was very uncrowded.

She was able to get a tube each time she got in the water.


All in all, Emma had a great birthday!  She admittedly had a FANTASTIC time!

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Love Being A Nonny said...

LOOK how she has grown! Happy Birthday to your girl!!

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