Friday, February 1, 2013

My Office Chair

Most of you have probably seen the old-school, wooden office chairs like these from Pottery Barn...

PB desk chair 399

I have been wanting a white one for a while, but with a price tag of $399 before tax and shipping, there was no way I was getting one of these!

So...I have been on the look out (specifically) at the Habitat Restore for a while.

I came across this chair this fall, and the price tag was just right...$15!

chair before

The base is solid wood, and all the mechanics underneath are in working order.  The casters are original, and I love the lines of this chair.

The only down side is the padded seat and seat back.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do about that since I still don't know how to sew.

The first thing that I knew that I would do is to paint the chair white though.  In the interest of time, I decided to spray paint it.

I was thinking about using a painter's drop cloth to cover the seat and just spray paint the padded seat back as well.  While I was looking for the drop cloth that I purchased month's ago, I came across some left over lime green, zebra fabric that I used to cover Emma's foot stool.

JC helped me recover the seat using a staple gun.
office chair

office chair 2

The seat turned out really well, but there was still the seat back to deal with...

Originally I was going to try to just staple or hot glue the fabric around the seat back as best I could and then cover the seams with ribbon.  That just did not work with the remaining fabric that I had.  So, I cut a piece of fabric that could drape over the top of the seat back and then I sewed up the sides.

That left the bottom unfinished.

office chair 4

So I decided I would hot glue the ends to the bottom of the seat back.  That worked ok.  There is one crease along the back where there was too much fabric bunched up, but overall I am very happy with the finished product!  Here is the underneath side.

office chair 3

Here is the chair before I finished off the bottom of the seat back.


And here it is finished:

office chair 5

Not too bad for $15 plus the spray paint and fabric that I already had on hand!


Patsy said...

Good job, CSC. Remind me to tell you about the sectional sofa I reupholstered using hot glue !!

Lisa Odom said...

That is too cute!

Jodee said...

Wow! You go girl! That rocks!

likeschocolate said...

Great job!

Hannah said...

That is awesome! We follow each other on instagram and I just found you here :)

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