Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Sweet Goddaughter

Friday night I had the pleasure of photographing our Goddaughter before her first Daddy/Daughter Dance.  She was absolutely giddy with excitement and so much fun!  We had the best time together!

cute front porch

sweet sarah

another fave bw

She even had her nails done for the big night...

fave cropped vintage web

I am so glad that we had this special time together!  Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?


katrina said...

She is beautiful and looks like fun

Tara said...

So pretty!! It has been that time of year...lots of Daddy/Daughter Balls.

On a side note, I saw your niece (I think) in my hometown newspaper again for her birthday. Either there is more than one niece or she has a lot of birthdays :-) Seems I see it often...I'm sure I don't.

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