Monday, April 8, 2013

A Crown for A Princess

My photography assignment for March was to choose a photograph from a professional photographer that spoke to you in some way and then try to emulate it.

I chose the following photograph by Munchkins & Mohawks mainly because Emma was sitting beside me, and she squealed out loud when she saw this one.


I found a lace crown on Etsy for Emma although there are many tutorials on the web which shows how to make your own.  I also ordered Emma an authentic Russian headdress so we had two photoshoots.

This is the main photo that I submitted to my class...

first cropped and blurred watermark

Emma was not all that enthusiastic when it came time to really dress up and stand still for photos! :)
My favorite photos are actually from the Russian Princess shoot that we had.  Emma looked so regal.

smile flowers edited web

russia 1 edited web

beautiful up close edited web

She managed to have fun...
funny girl edited texture web

and get fed up with me...
grumpster web

Overall these are my two favorites:

cool tone flowers texture web

grin close texture BW

Emma is such a pretty girl and most definitely our princess!

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