Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

Our boys had their first visit from Fritz Fritz back in 2007.  Their great aunts brought him from the mountains of North Carolina.  I even blogged about him HERE in 2008.

Each year Fritz Fritz has come back to our house to be Santa's eyes and ears.  Over the past five years, Fritz Fritz has developed quite a sneaky personality.

This year, we were all so happy that Fritz Fritz brought a girl elf back to our house with him.  On the morning of December 2nd, Emma was the first one up so she discovered these two.

When a new elf arrives at your house, you get to name the elf.  We let Emma name our new elf.  She chose, SPRINKLES!

Fritz Fritz and Sprinkles had so much fun this Christmas season.  Here are a few clicks of their antics.

Fritz Fritz cannot help himself...he loves Reese's!

Oh no, surrounded by tiny, little Lego men...

Making snow angels is the most fun...why isn't there real snow at my human house?

Fritz Fritz is such a muscle man!

You just never know where they are going to be hiding!

On their way back from the North Pole, they caught Ariel having a pool party!

Who doesn't like a little zip lining?

And on the night before Christmas Eve, these two decided to add a little North Pole magic to our Great Room!

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Lisa Odom said...

Somebody had a lot of fun! Our elf (007 - we got him in 2007) was lazy this year. He literally just sat on the shelf all season!

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