Thursday, January 28, 2016

Emma's 8th Birthday Photo Shoot

The week before Emma's birthday, we had a beautiful Saturday afternoon so I decided to take Emma out for some photos.  We missed doing this for her 7th birthday so I was excited to get some new shots of our spunky girl.

First we started on the soccer field with a few fun shots.

soccer shoe web

cleats on ball web

emma soccer goal web

close up earrings web

soccer field full length web

To get out to our fields, you have to drive under the I-40 bridges which also cross over the Yadkin River.  I've been wanting to do a shoot here for a long time so we ventured beyond the guard rails and got some amazing shots.

emma squat down web

under bridge balloons no smile web

under bridge balloons no smile 2 full copy

emma smile under bridge web

close up no smile web

emma smile close up bridge web

under bridge turn and look web

We also took one more in her room with those balloons.

emma sit in room with balloons web

Can't believe how grown up our girl is!


Ani said...

She's precious! And so grown up! I started reading your blog right about when you traveled home with Emma :) Blessings to you all!

Garima said...


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