Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rainy Day “Monday” Blues

Yesterday it was a chilling 40 degrees and rainy. It was one of those days that already looked like nighttime around 3 pm. Ugh…I greatly dislike those days…

TheDentist and I had car trouble this past weekend returning from the UNC-NC State game (don’t even ask – it was ugly). He took the car in to the dealership Monday morning bright and early BECAUSE we had purchased the extended 100,000 mile warranty. We were thinking the transmission was blown, and surely that would be covered.

Around 11am yesterday, I get a text from TheDentist which says “Heard from dealership. Call me.” Uh Oh, I thought to myself! That cannot be good news that he is needing to share. So I waited a few minutes, and then I called.

YES, it is the transmission. It is not fixable; it will need replacing. And to top it all off, that extended warranty that we purchased that NEVER paid for anything expired three months ago!!!

Ugh! So I was hoping for some really good news or something yesterday to help me get past it…you know, like an unexpected call from the agency. That didn’t happen. TheDentist did drag me to Body Pump so I was able to exercise my frustrations away. There is one thing to be thankful for in this experience, however, and that is we have that car paid off. At least we aren’t still making payments on it AND replacing major parts.


teg said...

That really stinks! But, you're right, having the car paid off is HUGE. Mine has been since the day I got it, so I've always said, "I'm driving this car until it can't go anymore!"
Hope the week gets better for you!!!

Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I look forward to following your journey to your little girl...oh the joy that awaits you!! Nice to "meet" you~

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