Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dining Room ~ Finally

The dining room is finally finished...for now.

Here are links to the last two posts that I did on the dining room makeover including one on a pastel that I found.  You can see the pastel hanging in this photo:


We made a few more additions to the living room including a cowhide rug to help better define the space.  The rug is about 5' x 7', and I ordered it from Overstock.com.  It is a nice neutral, and our dachshunds don't have any interest in either chewing on it or having accidents on it.


JC also helped me hang the curtains that we already had.  They are not my favorite in this room, but they will do for now.  We needed 10 panels for all of the windows so to replace with more expensive draperies would be a small fortune.  This is one of those times when I wish I knew basic sewing skills!

JC also helped me hang a large mirror in the dining space.  I blogged about this mirror redo HERE a couple of years ago.


I also found our old sea fans that had been packed up since the move.  For now they are over buffet...


I like how they also bring a contrasting color into the space.

sea fans

My mother-in-law graciously offered us two Italian chairs that she had purchased from a vendor at the Officer's Club when they were stationed at RAF Upper Heyford back in the mid eighties.  I placed one opposite the chair that I had moved into the dining room from our bedroom and found a really interesting pillow for it at Target.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I really wanted to bring in some brighter colors like coral or pink to this space.

chair close

I think these chairs work great with our other furniture, and you can only imagine how surprised I was when I was flipping through my May 2013 issue of Coastal Living Magazine and saw this...


Those are the exact same chairs with different fabric upholstery!!!  How cool is that?

The last addition that we made was the custom artwork above the antique glass cabinet.

wide art

I commissioned my two youngest children to paint something for me in the acrylics that I chose.  Jackson's masterpiece is on top, and Emma's is on the bottom.  They even signed them for me!  :)

art close

I could not be any happier with these two pieces of art!  I love walking by and looking into this room and seeing their punch of color!

One more room is complete.  That is such a nice feeling!  It is hard to believe that we closed on this house almost a year ago.  There are still so many projects left to finish, but it is nice to see progress.


Lakeshore CottageLiving said...

Everything is clean, crisp and stunningly beautiful! You did a wonderful job! LOVE the kids' paintings.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Looks SOOO good! Especially love the personal touch of their artwork!

Patsy said...

Oh my goodness, maybe I should take those chairs back !! 8>) - Just kidding !! The DR looks great - luv the new artwork.

abby's mom said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Holly Baker said...

I love your style. The mix of old and new is so fresh and really gives it a welcoming vibe. Great work!

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